Do you ever make snap judgments about people?

Learning English Matters


Are you one to make hurried or impulsive decisions about people or situations? If so, then you make snap judgments.

What does it mean?

Snap in this case means quick or impetuous.

A Judgment is the ability to make a decision or create an opinon about something or someone.

A snap judgment is similar to a rash decision. An opinon is formed in an impulsive way and it make be wrong.

How do we use it in context?

  • I made a snap decision. Forgive me for jumping the gun!
  • She always makes snap decisions about people. She is convinced that she can read people but she can’t.
  • Don’t make  snap decision about the offer. You might live to regret it.

Try to initiate conversation with your trainer, spouse or friends.

  1. When was the last time someone made a snap judgment about you?How did it…

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