IELTS Listening True/False/Not Given Question: Aim for Band 7.5

18.02.14 True False Not Given 2 - Questions

In this weeks lesson we have this tricky True/False/Not given exercise (answers coming next week):

Millions of lives around the world could be saved, and the quality of life of hundreds of millions markedly improved – very inexpensively – by eradicating three vitamin and mineral deficiencies in people’s diets. The three vitamins and minerals are vitamin A, iodine and iron – so-called micronutrients. More than 2 billion people are at risk from micronutrient deficiencies and more than 1 billion people are actually ill or disabled by them, causing mental retardation, learning disabilities, low work capacity and blindness. It costs little to correct these deficiencies through fortification of food and water supplies. In a country of 50 million people, this would cost about $25 million a year. That $25 million would yield a fortyfold return on investment.

1. Most illnesses in developing countries are caused by too many vitamin and mineral…

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