57 Free ESL Games Online

There are a lot of ESL games available online, but as a beginning English speaker, they may be hard to search for. Here is a list of 57 ESL games organized by type. Do you know of any more ESL games? Leave them in the comments section below.

fill in the blank esl games

Fill in the Blank

  1. Fill in the blank
  2. Fill in the blank (by topic)
  3. Global Warming article game (Advanced)
  4. Irregular past-tense verbs fill in the blank
  5. Arkansas Traveler Song



  1. Hangman games
  2. Farm Animals Hangman
  3. Words and Adjectives Hangman
  4. Parts of the body hangman
  5. University Level words hangman
  6. Most common words hangman
  7. Ogden’s Basic English Word List hangman

crossword games esl


  1. Crosswords 
  2. More crossword games
  3. 17 Everyday words crossword puzzle (beginner)
  4. Medical Terms crosswords (intermediate)
  5. Physics crossword (Advanced)
  6. Countries where English is spoken crossword
  7. Animal similes crossword

Listening and speaking esl


  1. Listening maze game
  2. Comic Book listening game
  3. Listening Prompt
  4. Dictation: Listen, then type what you heard
  5. American Stories, listen and read

Vocab Games for ESL

Vocabulary and Pronunciation

  1. Which word doesn’t belong?
  2. Matching homophones (Elementary to Advanced)
  3. Rhyming Pairs
  4. -ed pronunciation matching game
  5. Matching similes
  6. Jumbled Words (by topic)
  7. More scrambled words
  8. Word Match
  9. Family Tree Vocab Game
  10. Colors vocab matching game (beginner, intermediate and advanced)
  11. Learn food vocab with Moonshot
  12. Food Vocab Game
  13. Clothes Vocab Game
  14. Catapult Food and Drinks Vocabulary game
  15. Car Racing Vocab Game
  16. Text Twist 2
  17. Word Roundup (advanced)
  18. Vocab card game

Grammar Games


  1. Guess the adjective game
  2. Action Verbs game
  3. Prepositions of place and “home” vocab
  4. Action Verb game (one or two player)
  5. Adjective synonyms
  6. Adjective Antonyms
  7. Sentence Monkey, Prepositions 

Holiday Themed ESL Games

American Holiday Themed

  1. Halloween flash game
  2. Valentine’s Day Memory game
  3. Thanksgiving Crossword

Jeopardy Games


  1. Capital Cities Jeopardy game
  2. Verb tenses Jeopardy game
  3. Irregular Past Simple Jeopardy game

Misc Games


  1. Face Maker
  2. Numbers Game



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