We aim to provide a thorough, experiential learning environment that will propel our students to the top. Learn English in a comfortable and encouraging setting, with the schedule that’s right for you. We have a strong, devoted staff that is invested in creating the program that is customized to fit your needs and give you the premier English education. Contact us to find how our programs can work for you. 

As you learn more about our school and its mission, you’ll see that we offer a quality education from highly qualified instructors at a low, discounted cost. This is because we believe that hard work and dedication should be the determining factor in selecting our students, and we award the most deserving students the opportunity of studying with us.


Many English language schools in the US do not have accreditation from The Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA), but either use their university or college’s general accreditation or an easier accreditation agency, such as ACCET. Columbia is CEA accredited, which means its programs are more efficiently structured to fit your English learning needs, and our teachers are more qualified and experienced. Unlike large universities, we offer custom programs, and our accreditation is specific to English study. Having been accredited for almost a decade, that is the Columbia Advantage.


We understand that learning English doesn’t just happen in a classroom. Studying in an office building for a few hours a week isn’t an efficient use of your time or money. That’s why we’ve designed our programs to incorporate structured, lesson-focused real world experiences. Our internships, volunteer work and activities provide maximum exposure to authentic American culture and interaction with native speakers. We provide opportunities for you to engage with topics of your interest, so you can have fun while learning English.


What gives Columbia students an “edge”? Being an independent, academic school, we’re not tied to any particular university or college. We offer conditional admission to our partner Warner Pacific College, located only 10 minutes away, but we can also help place you in any university or college. Our academic adviser is prepared to help you into the right school with the right program. We consider your interests, not our own, when we present university options.

Sound like something you’re interested in? Visit our website.


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